Poster package

$21.00 USD

4 posters capturing 21 years of Zum history!
Showcases that took place in Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Austin.
Individually these would be $28!!
Shipped in poster tube (unless otherwise requested/split with other orders)

Artwork by
Paul Morgan 2010 screenprint
Ron Regé Jr. 2010 digital print
Brendan Nakahara 2011 screenprint, signed by artists
Devin Flynn 2019 risograph

Broken Water, Moment Trigger, Eternal Tapestry, Weird Weeds, Total Abuse, Zs, Abe Vigoda, John Bellows, Infinite Body, Sir Richard Bishop, Gerritt Wittmer, C. Spencer Yeh, Paul Knowles, David Horvitz, Carla Bozulich's Evangelista, KIT, High Castle, Core of the Coalman, Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, Dunes, Dalton Brothers, Huts, John Wiese, Somnambulists, The Skin Horse, George Chen