Nuzzle - Junk of Myth CD

$8.00 USD

Zum, in conjunction with Sound on Sound, is proud to bring you the CD anthology of Nuzzle's out-of-print vinyl releases. Junk of Myth '92-'95 (zum008/SND-4) combines the Follow for Now LP (originally on Youth Strike Chord), three 7"s (with recordings by Gravity Records honcho Matt Anderson), and bonus unreleased tracks, all re-mixed and re-mastered from their original source tape. Nuzzle's legacy has been chronicled in appearances at the first Yo Yo a Go Go, KXLU live compilation, and the tribute to the Minutemen "Our Band Could Be Your Life." Cover art by Paul Costuros.

"Follow, For Now" remixed by Michael Piamanti and Kid Bolton with Simon Fabela and George Chen, Santa Cruz 6/28/00

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