High Castle - You're On Your Own Way 12"

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HIGH CASTLE "You're On Your Own Way"
One-sided 12" EP

1. Ten - 1:14
2. Solomon - 2:21
3. No Mind - 1:24
4. Scary Things Are Everywhere - 2:13
5. Swarm - 0:55
6. Are Fixed Gear Tricksters The New Rollerbladers? - 1:56
7. Filth - 1:47

Pitchfork review by Marc Masters

Hailing from different corners of the noisier spectrum of Southern California bands (Straight Crimes, Duchesses, Woman's Worth, Work, Hips, and Saboteurs), we signed them not on the strength of their pedigrees but on the bona fides of a suckerpunch live delivery and one self-released CDR.
High Castle is your older brothers' favorite band, assuming he grew up on a steady diet of '90s underground rock. They produce a viscous byproduct of the jams you grew up on dragged through a record collection's worth of sludge and muck. Once you decide to bring it, that's kinda the only way to go.
The "You're on Your Own Way" EP is the debut record for High Castle. Songs about garbage strikes, astral projection, lonely security guards, hedonism, dropping out, meditation, injustice, misplaced hearts...and more. Seven short bursts of salvation, single-sided 12" pressing of 500, mastered by Weasel Walter. Two color silkscreened covers by Paul Morgan.

"The new High Castle 12" EP is pretty brutal throughout, metal and HC tinged, but it still finds these weird little spazzy, jazzy grooves in spots. Maybe it's art rock? Whatever you want to call it, it's getting some turntable time, and with a song titled 'Are Fixed Gear Tricksters the New Rollerbladers?' I think you get an idea where they stand." -THRASHER