Growing / Mark Evan Burden CD

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Growing are well-known to experimental music audiences for their albums on the venerable Kranky imprint and Michigan's Animal Disguise, as well as Troubleman Unlimited. The duo of Kevin Doria and Joe Denardo have drawn comparisons to the minimalist works of Birchville Cat Motel, LaMonte Young, and Brian Eno. This recording, "Firmament", is from a 2002 session and explores a warm drone.
Mark Evan Burden's solo recording is a composition of electronics and piano. His 15 minute piece is a roiling, percussive powerhouse that conjures up John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow. The Portland, OR-based musician and Alaska native was formerly the organist for Get Hustle and drummer for Glass Candy. He releases albums on his own Celestial Gang label under the moniker Silentist, an exploration of the heavier side of his compositional interests with drums, guitar, and piano. He is in the groups Litanic Mask and Dangerous Boys Club.
Vinyl of this release came out in 2006 through This Generation Tapes from Southern California. The CD is also available in Europe via Xeng/Heroin Records with alternate artwork.