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from Blastitude:

...whatever Mr. York lacks as a designer, he more than makes up for it as a writer, editor, and interviewer. In fact, A Dangerous Game is made up entirely of interviews (that's right, no reviews, articles, profiles, essays, or thinkpieces, nothing but transcribed Q&A), one half with metal bands and the other half with new noise prog etc. bands. (It's even got a double front cover where you flip it over and turn it upside to read the other half...
And boy, that Nandor Nevai interview is a beaut that deserves to be printed twice! The guy's got some information to share, as long as you can break through his personal chemically-saturated verbal meaning buffer. Many other highlights as well, such as an interview with San Francisco metal band Impaled, who I have not heard but I have to say give one of the most humorous band interviews I've come across since the Melvins! I also found a chat with Karl Sanders, the leader of the Egyptian-themed metal band Nile, refreshingly straightforward ("A good percentage of my song ideas, I get from watching the Discovery Channel," "I don't think man has changed. I think technology has pushed man's spirituality and real intellectual development into the background. I think we have regressed as a species," "I think people take death metal ideas much too fucking seriously . . . . Hello people! It's all entertainment. It might be an alternative form of entertainment -- fascinating and left-of-center -- but you know, it's still entertainment."). Here's the whole roll call of interview subjects . . . for "the music issue" there's The Locust, Flying Luttenbachers, The Curtains, Savage Republic, Andee of tUMULTt Records, Marco Eneidi, Orthrelm, Touchdown, Wolf Eyes, John French, and Total Shutdown, and for "the metal issue" there's Exhumed, Impaled, Entombed, Nile, Lamb of God, Isis, Godflesh, Sigh, Dan Swano, Solefald, and the aforementioned Nandor Nevai.