Zum Audio Volume 2 CD

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Zum002 compilation (1998)

The comp that firmly established Zum on the audio map. The stellar line-up includes Aerial M (Dave Pajo of Slint and Zwan), Ativin, Bunkbed, Allen Clapp, Dianogah, Duster, Grandaddy, I Am Spoonbender (their first official release!), Jakarta (members of Winfred E Eye), Modest Mouse (as far as we know, the only version of this song outside a bonus track on Interstate 8, which is from a different session), The Mondo Crescendo, My Favorite, Paul Newman (members of American Analog Set), P.E.E. (members of A Minor Forest), Rex, Doug Shepherd, Slower Than (members of Swords Project), Songs:Ohia, Sterling Silver, Windsor for the Derby, and Jen Wood. An excellent compilation full of top-notch tracks.