Weird Weeds - Hold Me LP

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vinyl version of the CDR "Hold Me" debut album
Cover art by Lauren Pakradooni
Edition of 300 black vinyl
also available on iTunes

Drowned in Sound review by Mike Diver:
"A sun-kissed swathe of country guitar; a delicately plucked companion piece running rings around desert cacti and the bleached skeletons of innumerable lost souls; a sole chime of a triangle: The Weird Weeds’ music - lusciously captivating without ever resorting to overblown tendencies - is both as weird as their band name would imply and as gorgeous as anything sold under the current genre-de-jour of ‘free folk’. It is both stripped naked and full of body; spiritually fulfilling and foot-tappingly catchy. It is, simply, great.
...there will be songs here that sound like nothing your ears have ever heard before. If that’s not a recommendation then I’ve no idea what is. Under expansive skies of purest blue and above ground cracked into sinewy veins by the unforgiving sun, these songs come alive. They live, and breathe, like you or I; don’t stifle them, encourage them out of their magical world of mystery and into your home. Once there, you’ll never want them gone.
9 / 10"