The Lowdown - Y Is A Crooked Letter CD

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The Lowdown from Santa Cruz, CA, follow up their much beloved Revolver II with the sandblast sounds of Y is a Crooked Letter (zum015). This sophomore album is chock full (16 tracks) of the unstable psychedelic sounds and dance punk that have become the calling card of the Lowdown. Combining woodland magic and busted electronics circa 1997-2003. Other band affiliations include St. Joseph and the Abandoned Food, Whysp, The Art Museums, Sic Alps, 6 Organs Of Admittance, and Comets on Fire.

1 Sfdario
2 Smooth Hall
3 Cyclops
4 I'll Turn Your Blood Into Ants
5 Soh Toh Rah Mah
6 Ass Dragger & The Acid Dragon
7 Fuck Your Moves Dancehall Reprise
8 Horror Dog
9 Fuck You Revolution
10 Garble Yarb
11 Total Shutup
12 Young Lovers
13 Balmies
14 Yay, Yay, Hooray
15 Clangers
16 My Friend Sue