Nuzzle - No Mas 7"

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Two songs here, "No Mas" (another version of which is on the "San Lorenzo's Blues" album) and "The Word #2", one of the few tracks from that era that Nate sings on. The story behind this record - Nuzzle recorded the songs that eventually made it onto "San Lorenzo's Blues" with Andy Radin. This was the demo that was sent to Die Young Stay Pretty that was ultimately rejected.
These tracks were recorded at the Stanford campus at CCRMA in '96. We asked them about compiling all their vinyl tracks on a CD, which is what ended up being "Junk of Myth", but in the interim they offered for me to release these songs as a 7". "The Word #2" is part of a track that was on the original "Follow For Now" LP that is oddly not included in Junk of Myth. For some reason it was not on the original reel.
This was a co-release with Yakamashi and Sound on Sound, and the first 7" Zum ever released back in 1999. Photo of Andrew on the cover were taken by Mike Cancel, and the back cover photo (which some of us would have preferred as the front cover) was taken by Matt Roberts. The handwritten text all over was done by Chuck Pettry. My favorite graphic element of this record was the label itself, which was designed by Josh Baker. The jackets are really nice, pressed at Dorado, and the vinyl was mastered by George Horn. A real slice of its time.