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George Chen selects music and chats with friends from different creative endeavors.

George talks to filmmakers Arthur Jones and Giorgio Angelini about their Matt Furie/Pepe the Frog documentary, Feels Good Man, for Sup Doc.

Michael Morley has been in The Dead C and performed solo as Gate since the late 1980s. Get to know this major figure in New Zealand's music scene.

Jamie Stewart is an old San Jose friend and friend of Zum (Yvonne was in early Xiu Xiu) we haven't seen each other in a long time so there's a lot to catch up on.

Calvin Johnson hangs out in the Bay, eats a pear in my car, and we talk music, comedy, and injuries.

Comedian Ron Lynch has been on shows like Adventure Time, Bob's Burgers, Sarah Silverman Program, and he runs a great weekly show in LA called Tomorrow! Lots of background history on Boston and San Francisco's comedy scenes.

Carla Bozulich and her Evangelista bandmates Tara Barnes and Dominic Cramp tell us about their new records, past projects, and international affairs.

Allison Wolfe tells us about what she's been up to since the days of Bratmobile, Riot grrrl's connection to Pussy Riot, and her music career.

Anthony Bedard tells us about the origins of Icky Boyfriends, Club Chuckles, Folder Rock, and his comedy label Talent Moat.

Comedian Eric Cash has a lot of wild stories from his life as a street performer, punk, and ringleader in the alternative circus world.

Robert Horton talks about the Trojandropper album with Neil Campbell, his times in the SF punk and poetry scenes around '79 as a member of Appliances, being on the edge of ethnic punk music in Plateau, and sundry other fascinating stories.

John Benson from the bands A Minor Forest, Hale Zukas, and Evil Wikkid Warrior talks about his introduction to the weird world of Bay Area co-ops, starting utopian projects like The Bus, and other personal exploits.

Mark Gergis breaks down his history in weirdo Bay Area music projects MonoPause and Neung Phak, his work compiling cassette anthologies for Sublime Frequencies, bringing Omar Souleyman to the West, and his own label Sham Palace.

Nate Denver is working on new music as Nate Denver's Neck, a book of stories and illustrations, and being a new dad.

George and Sara Wintz talk music and hoarding.