Image of Zum 10 magazine w/ Zum Audio Vol 1 CD

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Zum 10 magazine w/ Zum Audio Vol 1 CD



52 pages with a beautiful cover (art by Jon Pruett, letter-pressed at Chicago's Fireproof Press). Interviews with Built To Spill, Devo, Joan Of Arc, and Snuff. Reviews of Terrastock and the Smiths convention. Thoughts on work. A look at the cult of Ching Hai. An intro to video game emulation. Ruminations on zines. Party games. Comics. Music and zine reviews. Printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper.

Includes a 74-minute compilation cd with tracks from Boyracer, Bunnygrunt (covering Jonathan Richman), Cars Get Crushed, Cole, Danger G20, The Great Brain, June Of 44, Kublai Khan, Lullaby For The Working Class (Mike Mogis of Saddle Creek), Lustre King, The Raymond Brake (Andy Cabic from Vetiver), Retriever, Strictly Ballroom (members of Beachwood Sparks, Postal Service), Sweep The Leg Johnny, Transitional, Tullycraft, and Vehicle Flips.

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