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The Dying Californian - We Are The Birds That Stay CD


The Dying Californian
We Are The Birds That Stay
Turn Records

At some point, the best artists change...they evolve. Back in the 1990's four fast friends ruled the indie/hardcore scene in Santa Cruz, CA going by the name of Nuzzle. High energy shows with some of the biggest bands around led to a cult like following and a release on the Troubleman Unlimited label as well as Bay Area Label Zum.

As the band grew, their sound changed. It grew into something different, something more, something that definitely was not Nuzzle. So, when they readied a new ep's worth of material in 2001 the sound was so different, so the band changed their name to The Dying Californian and started a new musical path.

Today, with over 10 years creating music together, the four have not lost any of the live intensity of their younger days, it's just channeled differently. Their journey is more like a marathon than a sprint. Fueled by the voices that come late at night , a few drinks in and most likely a few more to go, their new full length album, recorded in San Francisco, is a blend of Indie Rock, Americana, tinged with the Blues and some Country.

In 2002 The Dying Californian released their first full length record, We Are The Birds That Stay, on Turn Records.

the band is: Nate Dalton, Simon Fabela, Andrew Dalton, Ricardo Reano, Liam Nelson

1 Prairie Fire 3:12
2 Madrugada 4:11
3 Phobos & Deimos 4:23
4 Scene Of The Crime 2:00
5 My Heaven Knows No Reign 5:40
6 The Birds That Stay 6:32
7 Longer Nights And Shorter Roads 4:00
8 The Frozen Path 4:37
9 Tropism Blues 3:53
10 Long White Hair 6:37
11 Chris's Blues 6:01
12 Sweet Republic 3:19