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Nuzzle - San Lorenzo's Blues CD

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It took Troubleman a long time to get Nuzzle to record a new full-length, but the wait was worth it. San Lorenzo's Blues is at once stripped down to pure feeling and rich in the textures of its wandering vocals and dense, eddying guitars. So many bands seem to make records that finish in the same place they've begun, but on San Lorenzo's Blues, Nuzzle tells a story of distress and desolation that is as winding and circuitous as the river of the album's title. Like the San Lorenzo, this record ebbs and flows, and sometimes roars with a powerful current. The result is a musical exploration that is transcendent in its awkward beauty. It's the beauty of gray, windy days and unfinished things. It's the beauty of melancholy things.

With San Lorenzo's Blues, Nuzzle provides a remarkable testament to the reasons musicians go through the thankless rigors of performing together in a band. As difficult as it may have been to put together, San Lorenzo's Blues is a magnificent finished product, stunning in its ability to help the listener confront the painful beauty of the day, the year, the life.


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