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  • Image of Interrobang?! Anthology On Music and Family
  • Image of Interrobang?! Anthology On Music and Family

Interrobang?! Anthology On Music and Family



published by Decomposition
designed and edited by Sharon Cheslow
editorial assistance by Sara Jaffe
cover design by Edi Berton
ISBN: 978-0-9818706-6-3
ISSN: 1943-3751
76 pages, 6"x9", paperback
color cover, perfect bound

Liz Alibi "Words Follow Lines Can Explode"

Erika Anderson "The Perennial Tull"

Bill Berkson "Finding the Music"

Sharon Cheslow "The Times They Are A-Changin’" (interview with her mother)

Cynthia Connolly "Vera’s Jazz History" (interview with her mother)

Alan Licht "My Father"

Ian MacKaye "Come On In" (a conversation with Sharon Cheslow)

Kevin Mattson "Music And Family: the First an Experience of Adolescence, the Second of Fatherhood"

Pauline and Edith Oliveros by Shaila Dewan "Write Soon and Tell All"

Anna Oxygen "Bev Copeland"

Janet Sarbanes "Listen Again: John Lennon’s 'My Mummy’s Dead'"

Jean Smith "Story"

Matthew Wascovich "Head of Electrons"

Sara Wintz "Blood Type"